Learning to Serve

At Indiana Academy, we believe that Christ’s counsel to serve others, as found in Matthew 25, is to be taken literally. One of the cornerstones of the IA philosophy is the value of Christian service to others. We have developed a vibrant community outreach initiative, Project 58, which allows our entire school family to reach out to the greater Indianapolis area in a variety of avenues of service. Our students help rake leaves, lead out in prison ministry, volunteer at food banks, sort clothes for homeless shelters, bake bread for community members, and sew blankets and teddy bears for at-risk mothers. And those are just a few of the outreach ministries in which our students participate every month!

Additionally, our students are given the opportunity to conduct evangelistic series, build churches and schools, and lead out in VBS programs as a part of annual international mission trips. Even on various class-sponsored trips, like Senior Class Trip, our students incorporate elements of service like working with Habitat for Humanity throughout the country.

And while we firmly believe in the value of community service, we are focused on becoming a school that fully incorporates service into everything we do, including the classroom. Our students are seeing the practical application of what they are being taught in the classroom through service opportunities in the larger community around them. They have lead out in STEM fairs, created multimedia presentations, and preached sermons throughout the Indiana Conference putting their theoretical knowledge into practical service.

Students who have attended Indiana Academy know what it means to reach out to others in a meaningful and life-changing way.