Integrated Technology

Integrated Technology

Technology is everywhere and it is important to learn how to use it responsibly. At Indiana Academy we believe the students should have access to it, but there should be some usage guideline and constraints

Smart cell phones are permitted on campus but not in the classroom. All smart phones must be registered with Covenant Eyes before they can be used on campus. Covenant Eyes is a tool that monitors Internet access and sends reports to the parents. All Internet access obtained through Indiana Academy is recorded and filtered. Social media sites can be blocked or restricted by time of day.

Five years ago, one-to-one computing was introduced on campus and the program is very successful. Each student receives an Apple iPad for their classroom and personal use. This device is restricted and considered an educational device.


1:1 iPad Classroom Advantages at Indiana Academy


All textbooks are on the iPad. No more heavy backpacks!
Students have access to the Internet for classroom research, 16 hours per day.
Presentations can be created and then projected in the classroom.
Projects can be enhanced by adding audio and video to their assignments.
Grades are readily available online through Renweb.
Homework and assignments can be retrieved and turned in online through eBackpack.
Access to the school calendar and weekly update called ‘This Week at IA.
Instant communication to teachers and family via email.
Access to the school calendar and weekly update called ‘This Week at IA
Interactive apps that make learning more interesting and fun.

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