Education That Engages

At Indiana Academy, we have committed to providing opportunities for students to become “thinkers, and not mere reflectors of other men’s thought” (Education, p. 17). We purposefully provide an environment that allows individual learning styles to flourish with courses balance rigor and relevance in a way that challenges students to apply their learning in the greater community. Incorporating components of service-learning (SL) and project-based learning (PBL) helps us to ensure that our students are receiving the critical thinking skills that are essential for their future collegiate and professional success.

We offer multiple diploma tracks, honors courses, dual-credit college classes, and a variety of hands-on elective courses including Computer Science, Photography, and Essentials of Living. Our classes are taught by engaging, passionate, NAD certified teachers with a low teacher-to-student ratio. It is our belief that every one of our students is able to find an academic course load that can challenge and prepare them for the next step of their journey.

Academic Highlights

Nearly a 98% college acceptance rate
Multiple, place-based educational trips for History & Biology
Brain-based, research-driven instructional practices
Project-based and Service-focused learning
Low student to teacher ratio
Active National Honor Society chapter